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Spectopictures - Leading the way in digital neuromarketing

Try something different.

At Spectopictures, we believe in new possibilities and we are always happy to explore latest discoveries to help you in your marketing strategy. We use a variety of techniques, including crowd psychology, intelligent marketing measurement and neuromarketing to provide you with the best marketing solutions.

Do you think that everything has been discovered?
Many people think marketing industry is now saturated and nothing new can be invented.
Our innovative marketing solutions show how this is wrong.
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Reach new possibilities.

We have worked with dozens of different clients and we understand that every customer deserve a well-planned, tailored marketing solutions. We constantly update our knowledge and gain new experience to provide our customers with the best solutions available on the market. Spectopictures is a pioneer in neuromarketing solutions in the UK, and we proud ourselves in delivering bespoke marketing packages with complex neuromarketing features included.

We make your marketing easy by offering ALL services you need in one package. Simply pick & mix!

Internet netowking

Online Networking

  • Social Media Promotion
  • Niche Forums
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Webinars & Meetings
Complex marketing

Complex packages

  • All-In-One Marketing
  • SEO + Copywriting
  • Regular Performance Reports
  • Video & Media Production
Thrilling Innovation

Thrilling Innovation

  • Neuroscience solutions
  • Crowd psychology
  • Bespoke webapps design
  • Daily knowledge updates

We offer almost all marketing solutions available on the market at affordable prices. If you haven't found anything for you, let us know and we'll secure the best way to put your idea in action. That's our guarantee.

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Hall of pride

Here are some of the customers we're proud to work with

Absolutely the best People Per Hour experience. Max really went the extra mile to help me meet an unbelievely tight deadline. - LaVern
Brilliant work Max. Invaluable knowledge that is not easy to come by! You have done wonders for us and I am looking forward to continuing to work further with you.
- Thomas

Excellent work done! The service you provided exceeded all expectations, and guarantees a continuing successful relationship. Thanks Max! - Dawn
I would recommend Max without a shadow of a doubt. He has outstanding customer service, excellent communication and delivers on time and promptly at all times. Look no further than him! - Deb

Max has been managing our social media campaign for a couple of months now and his service is absolutely brilliant. Having spent £10k working with many, many freelancers, the money spent with Max has been the most beneficial and satisfying. Imaginative, polite, diligent and professional; Max is an exceptional social media manager. - JJ

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About us

Established in 2009, we are a UK business based in Oxford, with mission to apply the scientific approach to the marketing. We are always keen to experiment with latest ideas and use our up-to-date knowledge to maximise our results.

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